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Looking for a Financially independent, submissive who takes pleasure in becoming my toy, my valet, my service subject, in the long run to serve me and satisfy me. Your Mistress wants a long term relationship. Do not waste your time if your desires are not the same as mine.
If I can express a desire, I would like this relationship to be based on the complicity between us, trust, candor, hygiene and of course your submission to me, young man,
I am more domineering than truly masochistic, although I appreciate that you underwrite the corporal punishment that may be inflicted on you by the one who educates you, as long as they are not marked with cruelty.
The psychological aspect of this type of relationship Mistress / submissive attracts me, a man by his desire of authority, his masculinity can thus be under the control of a woman by nature weaker physically and who, in these circumstances yet, accepts the supremacy of the woman and prostrates himself at her feet.
Be expert submissive, be celibious, and show your mistress your burning desire to be my submissive always!
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