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If you are in Paris alone, and would like some company for an evening at the theater or opera, or a companion for an afternoon at the Louvre and/or other museums, Shayne Nelson is the man to call. If you'd rather dine with an interesting companion than alone, a phone call to Shayne will change your Paris experience for the better.

A skilled conversationalist, very cultured, with excellent manners, a solid sense of humor and an agreeable voice, Shayne has an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the arts which will add depth and pleasure to your Paris experience. Though born in the States, he's an expat who knows Paris intimately (over 30 years of residence here) and can guide you to the very best the city has to offer in terms of dining, art, music, sculpture, and night life. His thorough knowledge of French history and understanding of the French spirit will make your own Paris experience richer and more meaningful. In brief, he's just the company you want if culture is part of your travel plan.

A friend (way back when) of Henry Miller, author of nine books and seven plays (check Amazon for 'Bruce Shayne Nelson') Shayne speaks French, German, Italian, Swedish, and some Spanish. A film-maker as well, he has over 500 music videos of classical music performances and master classes posted on his YouTube channel 'Bruce Shayne.'

Moderate fees, flexible time-table. Satisfaction guaranteed. Why face Paris alone when Shayne is just a phone call away?

For more information please phone Shayne between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m. at 01 81 63 02 62 or 07 55 91 46 77. His Skype handle: CallMeLucky1.

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