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My name is Yan.. Physicaly fit, Fast & Strong.. I have already experience for managing and cleaning houses, office and apartments & hotels. I can work under pressure.
My previous job is to clean and manage the rental apartments in different district..
A Psychology Graduate. Ability to handle lots of people based on their behaviour.
With strong customer service and communication skills. Abilty to work in long hours with high energy. With professional manner. Excellent presentation. Have a sense of hospitality and service. Politeness, courtesy, discretion, sense of observation, curiosity, enthusiasm, versatility . . . My previous task also include..

Maintain the apartments, to clean them between check-in and - out.
Meet guest upon check-in and check-out, help them when necessary.
Give them the key.
Check the apartments furniture, equipments upon check-out and prepare for the next guest, welcome this guest in the property.
I do handyman problem, like plumbing, electricity, carpentry, painting, installation, repairs, assemble, locksmith, etc.. have own tools to be provide.
Follow up during their arrival.
Deliver they key, 24/7.
Maintain the apartments in organize section.
Computer literate. (apple product expert)
I can work in long term.
I can speak English fluently and some basic French
I have internet everytime, everywhere

Aside from what i have mentioned above i have more skills also like:

Im doing photography & videography also (its my hobbies)
Expert in Ironing
I can be a Tour guide (i am familiar in Paris area)
I do babysitting or old sitting if needed
I can work weekends and holidays

I can work also as a care taker of your house, apartment or farm, etc. during your holiday's season or relaxing time.

This all experienced have done more than 8 years already
i can give more strong references if needed.

Thank You.. :)

If my experience suit in this kind of job im willing to take a personal interview..

Thank you!
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