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Imagine this: you are walking up to the eiffel tower on a warm fall afternoon. The leaves on the trees are a wild kaleidoscope of orange, yellow and brown hues. A violinist begins playing a gentle melody as you approach, and you stop with your partner to listen. You both smile because he's playing YOUR SONG. As your partner wonders what the chances are that a violinist in Paris knows that tune, you have gotten down on one knee and pulled out a little box. You ask the question...

Looking for a touch of music to spice up your romantic picnic, your surprise marriage proposal, or your wedding in Paris? I am a professional violinist with much experience playing romantic picnics, weddings, and surprise engagements. My repertoire includes classical music and jazz, and otherwise I AM ABLE TO ARRANGE A SONG OF YOUR CHOICE to make the moment even more personal.

For events in Paris I charge 120 for music from my repertoire (45 minutes of music max.) and add 50 euros if you would like a song of your choice.
If you would like a guitarist to accompany me (jazz), it is 200 euros for an hour, add 50 for a song of your choice.

  • ne PAS me contacter pour des services ou offres non requises

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