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About this Job

Microcoaching is an exciting new startup dedicated to helping gamers improve. We provide aspiring gamers with instant, easy access to high-level expert gamers through our on-demand video game coaching platform. We are growing our services, expanding into new games and looking for more coaches to join our team. This is a real opportunity to prove your parents wrong that video games are a waste of time and start making money coaching video games.

Current key games of interest that coaches are sought include: (1) LoL; (2) CS:GO; (3) Overwatch and (4) Fortnite. While these are the primary games of interest, please do not hesitate to apply if you can coach in any other game. Our expansion is moving quickly and more games such as Hearthstone, Rocket League, FIFA, etc. will be added soon.

If you are an expert or really just feel like you can help other games improve, then you should apply. While we do consider rank and in-game experience in our recruitment process, it is not the only deciding factor. We believe it is just as important for a coach to be able to effectively communicate, teach and motivate aspiring gamers.

General Job Responsibilities:
Teach students of aspiring gamers via private text and video applications - both can be performed remotely on a phone or computer through our coaching platform
Work with students of varying ages and skill levels to outline specific goals and create a roadmap for their success
Lead one-on-one text and video training sessions with students to meet progress objectives
Generate a practice plan personalized for a student focused on both mental, physical and strategic areas of improvement
Demonstrate passion to help gamers improve and be a positive and professional voice in the eSports and gaming community
Guide students and provide the necessary support during his/her growth process

About Microcoaching

Microcoaching was founded in 2016 as a business school project by a team of lifelong gamers and friends. Our mission from the start has been to make it easier for gamers of all skill levels to get better by having access to the help they want, when they want it.

Our coaching sessions include on-demand chats and personalized gaming experiences, and our platform helps gamers improve by connecting them to experts in real-time. We offer instant private chat, personalized video coaching sessions and tons of exclusive content to help gamers reach their goals.

Want to start winning more? Or just have a quick question? Get an answer right away! Ask your coach whatever you want to know, tell them what problems you are having or what goals/rank/level you want to achieve. Our excellent coaches use a wide range of tools and strategies to get you where you want to be quickly and effectively. No matter your question, Microcoaching is always here to help.
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