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ISIS gave us black-market speed going into battle not caring if we (live or die.") pic [×] [undo]

This is a Public Service Announcement pic [×] [undo]

George Pataki expertly disses Trump [×] [undo]

Has Trump made Ben Carson his Bitch? [×] [undo]

Creation ou evolution? Venez debatre votre croyance dans le hasard (PARIS) pic [×] [undo]

3 Key Considerations For Hillary & her ISIS Policy [×] [undo]

No "thugs" At Trump's Rallies please [×] [undo]

Hillary Is B-o-r-i-n-g!!! [×] [undo]

Meet Marco Rubio's Sugar Daddy [×] [undo]

Ben Carson is Tanking, Thank God! [×] [undo]

Why Isn't Trump Getting Key Endorsements? [×] [undo]

Donald Trump: Close all the mosques [×] [undo]

Paris attaques terroristes prescience et après exposés (Paris) [×] [undo]


La diversité? (Paris) [×] [undo]

On Second thought, Obama Must Send Ground Troops to Syria [×] [undo]

Trump is right about the refugees [×] [undo]

10 Steps to restoring order in Syria [×] [undo]

Seattle Washington USA Cares! (Gig Harbor) pic [×] [undo]

#kicktrumpsass [×] [undo]

Hillary's Foreign Policy Creds + Trump's anti Jeb! explained [×] [undo]

San Francisco loves Paris [×] [undo]

What Should Obama Do In Syria? [×] [undo]

The Paris Attacks: Donald Trump suggest France Should Arm Citizens [×] [undo]

Trump on ISIS [×] [undo]

Prayers from America (austin, tx) pic [×] [undo]

our hearts are with you (usa) [×] [undo]

Who is protecting ISIS? voir cette video [×] [undo]

President Trump pic [×] [undo]

Get your copy of pic [×] [undo]

10 Reasons Why Donald Trump Should Quit the Presidential Race pic [×] [undo]

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ISIS gave us black-market speed going into battle not caring if we (bru > live or die.") Photo [×] [annul]

Petition Demands Close UK Borders Now carte [×] [annul]

Suck on this Isis (bru > online) Photo [×] [annul]